How to kick start a project?

3 EASY ways to look for a suitable talent

Fill in your Budget
Key in your ideal budget to look for a talent
Browse Portfolio/Talent
Discover portfolio/talent and look for a suitable talent
Pitch a Project
Let the talents to pitch a proposal and share you more creative ideas

How To Collect Payment?

30% as Down Payment
  • If your budget is RM5,000, you will be required to make a down payment of 30%, which amounts to RM1,500.
  • If you choose to have the talent pitch their ideas for the video, an additional RM1000 will be added to the budget
  • In this case, the total budget becomes RM6,000, and the down payment will be 30% of RM6000, which equals RM1,800.


Pitch Option : Choose to let talent to pitch their ideas for the video before you decide to accept the proposal.

40% Progressive Payment
  • Meet with our talents for script revisions*.
  • Once the talent completes the script writing phase and is ready to proceed with the shooting stage, you are required to make a payment of 40% of the total agreed-upon amount.
  • For instance, if the total agreed-upon amount is RM6,000, the customer would need to pay 40% of RM6,000, which amounts to RM2,400


You are entitled to two additional script revisions free of charge. Any amendments beyond this limit will incur a fee.

30% Final Payment
  • Once the talent completes the shooting phase and editing phase, they will provide an initial version of the video to you.
  • You can then provide feedback on the video, and based on that feedback, the talent will proceed with the final touch-ups to refine the video.
  • After all the necessary adjustments and revisions are made, the talent will deliver the final video to the customer.
  • Before receiving the final video file, you are required to settle the remaining 30% of the total agreed-upon amount.
  • Once the payment is made,you accepts the final result


Notes: If a project is completed, any changes will have additional charges.

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